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Things To Consider When Making A Chicken Coop Plan

Whether you are making your own chicken coop or hiring a carpenter, it is important to first make a chicken coop plan. A very good plan can make the construction of your coop successful. It will perfectly realize the style of coop that is in accordance with the plan.

Making a chicken coop plan does not necessarily mean you need to have a degree in engineering. It only requires basic carpentry skills plus creativity to come up with stylish yet functional coop for your chicken. Here are some things to consider in making a chicken coop plan.

Basically, you need to consider the number of chicken that will use the coop. Depending on the population, the coop should have sufficient space for free movement. Considering the space is vital because it can greatly affect the health of these animals. Nevertheless, restricted space is fine with fattening chicken. In fact, it can live with other chicken as well. On the other hand, chicken that is for game purposes such as roosters need to have a special chicken coop. In this case, game fowl must live in a single coop that was made just for this particular animal.

Second, primary materials that are available should also be considered especially if you are on tight budget. It would be a great saver if you already know, beforehand, the available resources at hand than knowing about it after buying the materials. The result is: excess materials. Thus, identify first those materials you already have such as nails, a piece of wood, and more.

Now, it comes the most exciting part in making plan: brainstorming on the coop styles. Unlimited numbers of styles are acceptable during brainstorming. However, as you sort it out, you should be careful in choosing the preferred coop style. It does not need to be complex. In fact, it must be simple. Though, the simpler the chicken coop is, the more beautiful it can be. Just a tip, you must think about a style that is unique, something that its purpose is not only a shelter for chicken.

chicken coop plans for six chickens
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